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Take pictures...Before you ever leave

We all love to take and look at vacation photos. It's been a tradition since, well, the earliest cameras. But how about before you leave the house? The pictures that you take before you leave might just be the most valuable of your trip. I've listed here a few important photos to take before you ever leave your house. In addition, email these photos to yourself and a family member or someone else that you trust.

Passport -- If your passport is lost or stolen, you have an alternate form of ID. This can make it faster and easier to prove your identity and also facilitates replacement.

Insurance card(s) -- This one is helpful at home as well.

Luggage -- If your luggage is lost, you know what they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words." In addition, when you check your bags, hang on to your bag claim check until your bags are once again safely in your posession! I was recently on a flight where several of us on the same flight had bags misplaced. The good folks at the airline bag loss office were able to locate mine immediately using the UPC on the claim check. I was on the beach with umbrella drink in hand while the poor hapless souls without claim checks were still at the airport waiting, filling out forms and wishing they had saved their claim check. I was thoughtful though, and sent them a picture of said umbrella drink :)

Prescription labels -- if you lose a prescription medication or realize that you left it back at home, having the name of the prescription, dosage, doctor's name and phone number will help ensure that you are able to quickly and accurately get a refill!

Safe travels!

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